In 1862 Heinrich Röttcher sailed to South Africa from Germany on a ship called the Candace.
In the same year he trekked through the Midlands where he found and named Müden after his home town in Germany.

In 1940 Heinrich’s grandson – Vic Röttcher, an orange wine and lucerne farmer, built Ivala.
Vic and his wife Nola had 3 children – Lorna, Gene and Denzil who grew up at Ivala.

In 1975 Vic passed away and Nola in 1978, after which Denzil ran the farm.
Sadly in 1982 Denzil passed away and the farm was sold to Mr. Luke Wenzel.
The Wenzel’s ran the farm for 9 years until around 1991 when it was sold to a
magistrate from Greytown who utilised the farm for grazing only.

In 1996 Bryan and Gene (nee Röttcher) Bradfield bought the farm and renovated it into
the stunning bed and breakfast it is today.

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